How to create backing tracks

How to create backing tracks

Who would have said that? I discovered I was a genius. A music genius. I lay down, as I usually do, on the sofa in my office, I looked up and … well, I realized! Yes, I repeat, I realized I was a music genius. In a face to face with my laptop, I threw down a couple of chords and started strumming them on an electric guitar. Really, Salvatore? I mean, uh, that’s not exactly what happened, but I’m still a genius (I want to clarify, for the avoidance of doubt!). I never played a note in my life, but no one suspected it, when I made the base of my recording heard by my computer speakers. Ten, I say ten, fewer ovations in two minutes. In short, almost an ovation every eight seconds.

My secret? Bring your right ear close to my lips. No, nothing outrageous, don’t worry, and I’m not even going to bite you. Sorry. I wouldn’t want anyone to hear us because then it would be my end (Silence around) . So, to create backing tracks I used some special online services. If you want I can tell you all about this with my tutorial on the subject. Are you interested? Yes? Great! So take five minutes of free time all for yourself and concentrate on reading this article. Together, I assure you, we’ll see some good ones.

Ah, I almost forgot, apart from Web services, it will also be my concern to show you which are the “classic” computer programs and apps for smartphones and tablets designed for the purpose so as to put you in a position to be able to choose the resource really best suited to your needs and preferences. In all cases, you don’t have to worry, I will provide you with all the explanations you need. Now, however, all we have to do is talk and move on to action. I wish you, as usual, a good read!

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